Monthly Giving

By becoming a regular, monthly donor for one of our programs you are helping us at Happy Kids Center to ensure that all of our programs can be sustained. When we know that our programs are financially stable we can spend more energy on growing these programs and making sure all of our children thrive.

Educate A Child

$40/ Month

The Happy Kids Center currently facilitates the sponsorship of 5 students. We treat education  like a full-time job.  You can support the education of an individual child by donating $40/month. This money covers the cost of tuition, exam fees, uniform cost, and cost of books at the very reputable, Proxima International School. In addition, 25% of this money goes to supporting the child’s family by supplementing the income the child would make working in the street.

For every day the student attends school they have the opportunity to earn up to 50Rs, or $.50USD upon the completion of their homework, and appropriate behavior and uniform.

Sponsor A Meal Day


Every Saturday we feed 80 hungry mouths through our Community Meal Days at Happy Kids Center. For $100 you will cover the total costs of a hearty, healthy meal for up to 80 Happy Kids and their families along with the salary for the women who prepare the food!

Adopt a Chicken

$60 /Year

By donating $60 a year you will cover the cost of a chicken along with feed and upkeep for a full year. Along with the good feeling you get from donating, you also have the opportunity to name your very own chicken!

  • Please note: Your donation is going to a general fund this is simple a breakdown of costs so you can understand the value of your donation.